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Meet the woman behind Bliss Tennis

Welcome to Bliss Tennis!!My name is Sheila Gabriella James, I am a professional tennis player and health coach  from San Bernardino, CA. I have been playing tennis for 18 years, beginning at the early age of 4 years old. As a tennis coach, I have 6+ years of experience, working with athletes of all levels from across the country. Tennis is my life’s passion and has blessed me with the opportunity to travel all over the United States and compete against some of the most elite tennis players around the world. Unlike many traditional tennis players, who aspire to play on the elite level, I did not attend a tennis academy, or train in an expensive facility. Most of my earlier years were spent reading books or watching matches on television, alongside my father to get a better understanding of the game of tennis. It has always been instilled in me from a very young age, to make the most of the things that I had been given, which has helped me programs that suites every clients needs.

 I have had a very lengthy track record of success, as a tennis player and coach after completing my bachelor’s degree in health science from Virginia State University. I made it my personal mission not to just compete as a professional tennis player, but to redefine the way tennis was being taught, through creating Bliss Tennis. When I founded Bliss Tennis as a junior in college, I initially wanted to make some extra cash coaching tennis in the summer to pay for events, but what I quickly discovered, was that accessibility to the game of tennis was still very limited to certain communities. My company puts emphasis on making the game of tennis a full body experience. Creating bliss, through a healthy lifestyle, tennis and passion.

Through Bliss Tennis, my mission is to enable people throughout every demographic to realize their potential through the sport of tennis. Bliss Tennis is dedicated to the revolutionizing of a growing sport. We deliver on that commitment by our creation of the A.I.O standard:

  • Affordability

  • Innovation 

  • Opportunity

Coach Sheila: About Me


Reach for the Top



  • Competed and won my first USTA tournament at age 10

  • Finished ranked 55 in California in Girls 14 Singles.

  • Won several open level junior tournaments.

  • USTA Jr. Team Tennis Champion at 13 years old (Girls 18 and Under)



  • Played #1 singles for Citrus Valley High School

  • First ever to go to State Championships (Individual)

  • Set a record with a record of 54-1

  • Team MVP

  • Sun News Paper Athlete to Watch out for

  • Played #2 singles for Redlands High School

  • 3x All- Conference

  • 2x MVP and Team Co-Captain

  • CIF Team State Championships Finalist 2013

  • 2x Conference League Finalist

  • Redlands high school standout senior athlete



  • Attended Riverside City College 2014-2016

  • Played #1 Singles, #1 Doubles for Lady Tigers

  • Preseason rank of #8 in California

  • The Riverside Open Women’s Singles and Doubles Champion 2014

  • Round of 16 (Doubles) ITA; State Championship

  • 2015-2016 Season, Played #1 doubles, #2 Singles

  • Finished Ranked #25 (singles), # 13 (doubles) in California.

  • #1 singles/doubles for Virginia State University

  • 2x MVP

  • 2x All- Conference

  • ITA Scholar-Athlete Award


2011- Current

  • City of Rialto tennis program director

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